Source code for bspump.kafka.keyfilter

import bspump

[docs]class KafkaKeyFilter(bspump.Processor): """ KafkaKeyFilter reduces the incoming event stream from Kafka based on a key provided in each event. Every Kafka message has a key, KafkaKeyFilter selects only those events where the event key matches one of provided 'keys', other events will be discarded. Set filtering `keys` as a parameter (in bytes) in the KafkaKeyFilter constructor. KafkaKeyFilter is meant to be inserted after KafkaSource in a Pipeline. """ def __init__(self, app, pipeline, keys, id=None, config=None): super().__init__(app, pipeline, id, config) if not isinstance(keys, or isinstance(keys, bytes): self.Keys = frozenset([keys]) else: self.Keys = frozenset(keys)
[docs] def process(self, context, event): kafka_ctx = context.get("kafka") assert (kafka_ctx is not None) key = kafka_ctx.key if key is not None and key in self.Keys: return event else: return None