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import abc

from .processor import ProcessorBase

[docs]class Generator(ProcessorBase): """ Generator object is used to generate one or multiple events in asynchronous way and pass them to following processors in the pipeline. In the case of Generator, user overrides `generate` method, not `process`. 1.) Generator can iterate through an event to create (generate) derived ones and pass them to following processors. Example of a custom Generator class with generate method: .. code:: python class MyGenerator(bspump.Generator): async def generate(self, context, event, depth): for item in event.items: await self.Pipeline.inject(context, item, depth) 2.) Generator can in the same way also generate completely independent events, if necessary. In this way, the generator processes originally synchronous events "out-of-band" e.g. out of the synchronous processing within the pipeline. Specific implementation of the generator should implement the generate method to process events while performing long running (asynchronous) tasks such as HTTP requests or SQL select. The long running tasks may enrich events with relevant information, such as output of external calculations. Example of generate method: .. code:: python async def generate(self, context, event, depth): # Perform possibly long-running asynchronous operation async with aiohttp.ClientSession() as session: async with session.get("{}".format(event.get("color_id", "unknown"))) as resp: if resp.status != 200: return new_event = await resp.json() # Inject a new event into a next depth of the pipeline await self.Pipeline.inject(context, new_event, depth) """ def __init__(self, app, pipeline, id=None, config=None): super().__init__(app, pipeline, id, config) # The correct depth is later set by the pipeline self.PipelineDepth = None
[docs] def set_depth(self, depth): assert(self.PipelineDepth is None) self.PipelineDepth = depth
[docs] def process(self, context, event): self.Pipeline.ensure_future( self.generate(context, event, self.PipelineDepth + 1) ) return None
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod async def generate(self, context, event, depth): raise NotImplemented()