Introduction into the BitSwan product

BitSwan is a product designed to real-time data processing. By means of so-called real-time processors BitSwan is able to analyze hundreds of data streams from a lot of various sources at the same time, which makes it suitable to detect anomalies and data patterns as well as other situations when instantaneous action is needed. BitSwan is based on Python language.


Open platform

BitSwan is an open platform. An essential part of its source code is released under non-restrictive open-source licences, which makes it possible for more advanced users to finish creating and widening their applications based on this platform all by themselves.

The microservice architecture provided by BitSwan supports development of new functions which can easily be extended to already existing function aggregates. Thus the organization acquires a universal platform designed to real-time task solving. The result of this is a highly flexible system able to react to changes and new requirements adaptively. Nevertheless, the main point is the same: BitSwan provides an up to date environment for an advanced analysis of real-time events. BitSwan is a professional corporate system with a 24/7 support and SLA.

Open platform chart


BitSwan executes a real-time analysis not only over one data stream, but also over all concurrent streams required. Their independence is kept in the context of individual events which occured in a given time range. All the data which help to determine the meaning of individual events are kept in a fast in-memory database by BitSwan.

The above mentioned facts enable to execute a real-time context analysis (i. e. advanced correlation form) with an instantaneous reaction of the system.

Real-time performance

BitSwan processes real-time data at the moment of occurrence. It is designed to solve the most difficult real-time problems. BitSwan makes use of an event-driven architecture and scales the performance fluently in dependence on the amount of incoming data and available computing performance.

In order to provide a sustainable and scalable real-time data processing, BitSwan makes use of backpressure mechanisms so as to be able to set the system throughput automatically – thus data loss is prevented (unlike other common solutions).


BitSwan is primarily written in Python 3 language and supports an asynchronous processing for maximum scalability. Because of its compatibility with the other Python libraries and ekosystem, this product offers unlimited possibilities mainly in data analysis field, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

BitSwan is designed to enable Python developers to add new functionalities quickly and easily, thus increasing the value of the whole platform. According to accessible data BitSwan operating expenses amount to 1/10 the price of a similar real-time corporate system written in Java language.

Low expenses on development, fastness of new functionality implementation and interoperability with surrounding systems result in a fastly growing popularity of BitSwan among managers and developers, which gives the company an unlimited space to work with real-time data.